October 22 Week, 5 meetings to go..... till Game Face Time
BHS MCers, good week last week, hope even better one this week -- Mon-Tu-Wed nites 7:15--8:30 -- Expect more bills brought to practice sessions, w/ impressive Fact Sheets, and engaging opening speeches. Still have not received by email, hint hint, many fact sheets or opening speeches, especially officers, which is most disappointing, not to mention still a few officers and others not even do their bill yet sad Also, hope more of you will participate in practice sessions w/ pro/con speeches etc. Don't forget future MCs and officer-ships at stake so impress me wassat

San Fran MC approved by BOEd last week (watch cable access ed channel) and to date we have 7 deposits, so looks like a go, can take 5 more students so if you are interested bring in your $200 deposit this week to save your spot, should be a super trip -- will leave early morning Wed 23rd January and return late Sun night 27th on my birthday tongue

Info & Permission packets for YMC and PMC coming next week, till then smile
Posted on 2007 Oct 22 by James Petela
Bills, Fact Sheet, Opening Speeches Due Monday 15th, or else...
BHS MCers, its crunch, focus and grind time now, YMC & PMCers your bills are now due to yours truly, jpetela@branford.k12.ct.us, don't forget to attach your word document to email. Also, don't forget to attach your fact sheet and opening speech/outline. Finally, bring 20 copies of your bill and fact sheet to meetings the next two weeks, Mon, Tues, and Wed nites both weeks, 7:15--8:30. Students will be separated by Petela into classrooms, led and chaired by select Senior Presidents, VPresidents & Govs to review parliamentary procedure and present/practice their bills. Game faces expected by all angry

Sophs & Frosh who are not going to YaleMC though may want to shadow a BHS MCer on Friday November 9th at Yale, may begin attending meetings next week beginning Monday 22nd. You must attend at least 2 meetings in order to shadow. Select sophs & frosh may begin attending meetings this week beginning Tues 16th. Meeting dates are posted outside Petela's room door on orange calender. Don't be a stranger, say hi smile

Parents don't forget to budget your remaining payments through conference time in November. Also, deposits for San Fran MC in January 23--27 due by Monday 22 October.
Posted on 2007 Oct 15 by James Petela
Welcome New BHS MC Members 2008!
Congratulations to the almost 200 BHSers that have been selected to the BHS Model Congress program. The selections reflect varying degrees of positive feedback and potential as future bhsmc delegates expressed from your peers, teachers and yours truly. If you have not stopped by Petela's room to pick up your class status and membership list do so asap. Soon both documents will be on the website.

Meetings have been underway last week and this week for primarily officers and newly chosen Princeton MCers--almost 40 total so far with fingers crossed for a dozen more.

Yale MCers will be getting their invitations/info this week and I need to know by next Tues the 9th if you are definately going or not so I can choose students off the waiting list.

Again, if I do not receive your parent approval slip and deposit for PMC or YMC by next Tues 9th there is a good chance you will be replaced by a patiently perseverant praying Bhs MCer on the waiting list!

Letters are also going out this week to all officer parents with some essential MC info and an opportunity to send your child to an MC in San Francisco from January 23rdish-- 27th; cost will be about $750 -- if we get enough interest and deposits, 10 would be minimum, we will most likely go, pending approval by the BOE of course. The dates for this model conference are favorable this year -- they are the week after midterms and I don't have the pressure of preparing for our Whiffenpoof concert in February since we are having it this year in late April.

The focus this week and next will be writing your bills, fact sheets and opening speeches, due for both PMC & Yale MC by Monday October 15 -- hard copies and email to Petela by that date and also bring 25 copies of your bill & fact sheet (try to keep to one page each, adjust margins/font accordingly) for the practice sessions that week and the next two.

Meetings for Octob/Nov are as follows (All begin promptly at 7:15 and end about 8:30) --
Wed 3; Tues 9, Wed 10, Th 11 (only for PMC & YMC delegates--focus bill writing);
Mon 15, Tues 16, Wed 17 (again only for PMC & YMCers--focus bill presenting/debating)
Mon 22, Tues 23, Wed 24, Th 25 (PMC & YMC AND any bhsmc members invited)
Tues 30 & Th 1 November (PMC & YMC AND any bhsmc member invited)
Mon Nov 5th (YMC delegates only and any YMC shadows)

Congratulations again to all the newly chosen BHS MCers. You've passed your first test, now it is up to you to come to as many meetings as possible, and participate too if you can muster up some courage and confidence! The more you make yourself known and present to BHS MC officers and Petela, the better your chances to attend MConferences in the future. Again, your BHS MC future is now in your hands and feet and voice -- be bold, be responsible, be confident... carpe diem.

Petela smile wink wassat smile
Posted on 2007 Oct 03 by James Petela

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