Welcome New & Returning MC Members 2009 -- Also Check Photo Gallery Above, 6,000+ New photos Added!
Congratulations new members for being chosen to BHS MCongress 2009 -- over 100 new students joined the almost 100 returning MC members and officers. If you haven't already, stop by Petela's room to pick up the orange handout on his front desk with the names of all members on one side, information and october/november meeting schedule on the other side. Please read handout carefully and come to meetings accordingly, beginning this week the 14th of October. Also, Princeton and Yale MCers, noted by the P and Y next to your name on handout, bring your deposit of $200 (P) or $50 (Yale) -- as always, if check, make out to "BHS-MC-PMC or YMC."
More info to follow so continue to check this site as well as my classroom door.

This Website's other categories/links re: program and conference info, sponsors etc soon to be updated (wanted to get photos uploaded and current) -- in fact an entire new website may replace this one, to be determined soon, will keep you posted.

This past week i finally updated our MC website Photo Gallery, click on link above and smile and laugh aloud smile laughing at the many many photos from all last years conferences, prep sessions, concert, and banquet -- some unforgettable memories, enjoy!

Posted on 2008 Oct 13 by James Petela
Welcome Back BHS MCers 2009 -- September News -- Apps Available, Due Sept 22
Hello everyone, hope you all enjoyed your summer and are recharged for a fantastic new year. Thanks to all who helped out with the banquet in July -- album photo creators, set up people, dessert bringers etc. It was a great success once again -- the food was plentiful and delicious and the photos I hope made many of you smile, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear! The new albums are sitting proudly in my classroom as are the many new photos from last year on the wall -- come by, check out and enjoy. smile

I will miss the many seniors who have left their legacy of excellence and enthusiasm for the program, especially the senior presidents (Prior, Robbins, Ding, Golod, Worthington, Casey) who did a great job making their final speeches in the auditorium, very heartfelt and gracious. Their giant gavel gift will be cherished by yours truly and used when need in the years to come. Thanks again graduating seniors for four great years and keep in touch -- I will update your progress in a special alumni section on this website in the near future, once i get all last years photos and new documents uploaded, hopefully in the next two weeks, fingers crossed! wassat

Finally, congratulations to the new officers who were chosen for this year. The Presidential Cabinet will be led by the "head honcho" President AJ Bishop, follow by his VPresidents Steph Altrui, Robby Dextradeur, Shane Emery, Taryn Mockus, Dan Rimm, and Dominique Ruddy. After Nov 1 there will be pro-de-motions within the cabinet, depending on the attendance and effectiveness of the above and other officers during the fall meetings that will begin October 1st, hint hint hint... tongue

As for this year, applications and information handouts are now on my front desk in my classroom. New members and non officers please come in and take a red(pink), white and blue handout and bring home to share with your parents and return application to me by Monday September 22. Officers please come and take a white and blue handout and bring home and talk with your parents about what conferences you can attend and return blue handout or a separate sheet with your top choices noted. wassat

By Friday September 26 or Monday the 29th i will post the selections for Princeton and Yale MCs, with info handouts to bring home. laughing

Until next time, start your engines and begin the focus and grinding needed for success in school and for winning a few gavels for bhsmc! See you soon, stop by often, and don't be a stranger... Petela smile crying wassat
Posted on 2008 Sep 06 by James Petela
Bishop, ONeill & DCourt Teams Lead BHS MCongress Coast to Coast In Winter of Content -- Columbia MComing April 5 -- Concert #12 May 3rd
Winning a double gavel doesn’t happen too often, but junior AJ Bishop did just that at Penn Model Congress in Philadelphia late February with dominating performances in both his Armed Service committee and National Security program. For Bishop it was his second conference award this year, winning an honorable mention at Princeton last November, a conference that saw Bhsmc sweep the awards ceremony with seven gavels and five honorable mentions. In addition to Bishop, sophomore Gio Esposito won an honorable mention award in his Intelligence committee, adding to his Yale award last November. Other outstanding performances in committee at Penn, winning praises from their chairpersons were juniors Steph Atrui, Merissa Blitz, Robby Dextradeur, Shane Emery, Taryn Mockus, Natschja Ratanaprayul, Dominique Ruddy, Madison Wierzel and sophomore Caitlin ONeill and Sergei Poljak -- Mockus and Ruddy were also part of a select group of Supreme Court justices during full sessions, an intense and engaging experience that both found very informative and inspiring. Rounding out Branford’s delegation with strong performances were juniors Mike Fowler, Justin Giddings. Carlos Hernandez, Susie Hwang, Morgan Krause, Matt Mazzucco, Megan Murphy, Chelsea OConnor, Liz Pirrone, Todd Schroeder and sophomores Rachel Rimm, Carter and Corey Wells, and frosh Alex Acunzo. In addition to twenty hours of congress sessions, Bhsmc delegates toured Philadelphia seeing the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, South Street with it famous cheese steaks; got a special “reality tour” of Kensington by BHS 94 alum Sarah Forgione, who is still an activist for the poor and homeless there; running the Rocky steps at the Museum of Art; doing early morning yoga and late night bowling that saw many funny moves and surprising talents; enjoying delicious, bonding dinners at Chilis and Marathon Grill, joined by Bhsmc alum 05 Steph Gargano, now a junior at Penn.

On the other side of the country a month earlier, Sophomore Caitlin ONeill won a gavel for her exceptional efforts in her Health and Education committee at the Harvard MCongress in San Francisco. For ONeill it was her second conference award this school year, winning an honorable mention at Yale in the fall. Also performing with outstanding enthusiasm and effectiveness, winning praises from their chairpersons, were Juniors AJ Bishop and Dominique Ruddy and sophomores Nicole Hobbs, Leigh Kamin, and Juliana Venegas. For Bhsmc it was our first outing to the West Coast, thanks in part to our many generous sponsors over the past few years. Eleven students enjoyed four full days of legislative sessions and city tours via trolleys and street cars, including walking slowly through Haight Ashbuy and quickly by Hippie Hill, slowly down Lombard “Crooked” Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Chinatown, the Botanical Gardens in the Garden State Park, and Alcatrez in pouring rain. Next year we hope to add a college day visiting Berkeley and Stanford University and ending the day biking over the Golden State Bridge taking the ferry back from Sausalito!

Finally, in between these conferences, over February vacation in Boston at the other Harvard Model conference, Bhsmc delegates continued their formidable presence and performance, notably the District and Supreme Court teams that all went undefeated all weekend in their cases! Senior award winning officer veterans Matt Casey, Chen Ding, Austen Fiora, Mike Golod, Hanna Kiskaddon, Lauren Nicolosi, Matt Rosen, and Blair Worthington effectively led two powerhouse District Court teams that also included sophs Maddy Coulter, Keah Lonergan and frosh Kev Peterson and Ricky Weiss. The two undefeated Branford teams of six faced off on the final Sunday morning in a hard fought, high level legal battle of challenging cross examinations of witnesses and attorneys, and when the dust settled and verdict announced, a tie was awarded by the jury and judge! Unfortunately and unfairly, DCourt awards were chosen the night before this final round and Petela has appealed for HMC to reconsider its awards in light of these impressive performances. Also undefeated were the pair of Supreme Court teams of sophs Nicole Hobbs and Kylie Broughal and frosh Catherine Pierre-Louis and Kseniya Shavrova -- both were very impressive in their roles as attorneys and judges. Outside the court scene, sophs Patricia Liu and Monica Ague wrote several scintillating front page stories on Harvard conference issues for the HMC paper -- their final story satire on their beloved advisors yours truly and Cintron was a laugh out loud classic! Rounding out Bhsmc with engaging performances were Kayty Schrimp as HMCTV news reporter, frosh Alex Roberts as Joint Chief of Staff in the National Security Council, Rachel Baker and Hannah Young as Iran reps in the Joint Cabinet Committee, senior Joe Conte (recently accepted to that other Boston college MIT) in the Senate joined by junior Megan Tobin and enthusiastic frosh Jon Carlson and Meg OBrien. Outside of sessions, Bhsmc-ers enjoyed their annual gluttonous meals at Vinny Testas and Cheesecake Factory (with a special happy birthday to Chen), were wide eyed (and teeth) at Blue Man group and a bit shivering for Harvard Day tour, except when they were given special access to a private tour of the dorm and room of Bhsmc 07 alum and now Harvard frosh Andre Gabriel, who was also an Harvard MC lobbyist leader, and our lenient and forgiving hotel floor security guard one night! Luckily our tour occurred the day before the Friday nor’easter that blanketed Boston with a half foot of snow.

Columbia Model Congress on Saturday April 5th is the final event for Bhsmc this year. Over fifty frosh and sophs will leave BHS before sunrise and spend a long day on Columbia campus in committee sessions, and after sunset eating pizza and walking and picture-taking in Times Square.

Finally, don’t forget the 12th Annual Fundraising Concert on Saturday night May 3rd at 7pm featuring the world famous Yale Whiffenpoofs, Yale female accapella group Whim ‘n Rhythm, and our beloved BHS Music Makers.
Posted on 2008 Mar 22 by James Petela

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