BHS MCers Continue the Legacy of Success at Princeton MC 2009, Congratulations!
For the third straight year, BHS MCongress showed its class and dominance at Princeton MC, bringing home a dozen awards, and just missing many more. So many outstanding, engaging performances by so many of our delegates impressed so many Princeton chairs and executive board members. Founding Father Petela was overjoyed by the effort, enthusiasm and high level of debate his bhsmc delegates demonstrated over the weekend, not to mention the outstanding, mature and fun-loving leadership by the 24 seniors to the 21 juniors and 5 sophs. In sum for now (more to come later when i recover from five, twenty hour dayzes in a row!), it was an incredible weekend of great weather (even if a little chilly), dinners, bonding, making new friends, amazing and witty guest speakers--Judge Boasberg and Attorney General Gansler, Terry McAuliffe, Patriotic Tours--Arlington, Jefferson, the almost Awakening, Air & Space, Holocaust, Georgetown, and the stressful but memorable midnight tour to Lincoln and WW2!... I hope to have a "few" photos uploaded this weekend, we'll see... smile

Gavel Award Winners at PMC were -- Seniors AJ Bishop-Armed Services, Dan Rimm-Full Orange House, Shane Emery-Judiciary, and juniors Gio Esposito & Rachel Rimm, Environment & Public Works. smile

Honorable Mention Awards went to seniors Dan Rimm-Education & Workforce, Cole Freeman, Science & Technology, Nina Rabin, Foreign Relations. Juniors Kyle Broughal, Judiciary, Patricia Liu for Press Corp (she was only member to receive award, so sorta gavel:), and soph Alex Roberts Full Red House. smile

Next MCongress conference will be next week at Yale, Thursday Dec 4--7. Maddy Coulter will be running for President at YaleMC, against two opponents, so we must campaign hard and get her elected! laughing

Final prep meetings for YMCers Monday 1st and Tues 2nd from 7:15--8:30, be sure to bring ~20 copies of your bills to present and practice. Info and permission packets will be passed out then, if not sooner (maybe before Thanksgiving break--stop by Petela's). Shadow assignments will be made next week after meetings, also you will get info/permission mini packet.
Posted on 2008 Nov 24 by James Petela
Record Prep Session Hits 100 BHSMCers for Yale Debaters on Wed 12th laughing
Finally we hit a hundred! And only fitting, for yours truly-Petela anyways, that it occurred on the night the Yale Debaters put on an inspiring performance for our students -- (See photos in photo gallery link above). The topic was Legalizing Incest, the speeches were spectacular, the attention of students was focused, with many grinding and game faces of course, and the final vote of the students sided with not legalizing the "icky" incest, toaster and all! After some great questions and reflections, bhsmcers broke into rooms to debate bills, with a yale debater giving feedback and advice. All in all, it was a memorable, meaningful and historic night for BHS MC. tongue

Thursday Nov 13 was the final 12th meeting for the Princeton MCers, who next Wed 19th will be going to DC for conference, game time. Info/Permission packets are out and expected to be returned by next Tuesday 18th the latest. Documents in packet can also be found on the Princeton link on this web page right-side. Yale MCers have three final meetings before YMC on Dec 4th--7th, see last new note below for dates. wassat

Finally, check out Reflections & Alumni link above, and read Chen Ding's special reflection, especially second page of advice to delegates. Her Princeton MC experience last year was a turning point in her MCareer, it's worth the read... enjoy smile
Posted on 2008 Nov 14 by James Petela
Final 3 Meetings for PMCers This Week, YaleMCers 6 To Go -- Game Face Time angry
Monday 10th, 7:15--8:30, Wed 12th 7:15--9:00-Yale Debate Team Coming, and Thursday 13th, 7:15-8:30. Don't forget to bring 25 copies of your bill, and impress me even more by bringing (and emailing me) Opening Prepared Speech/Outline and Fact Sheet.

Still not too late for PMC or YMCers to email me your bills, please don't forget to identify at top of bill what color house/senate you are in, if unsure check conference link on this web page, see documents within. Information and permission packets for PMCers coming this Thursday/Friday. If not make meeting Thursday, stop by Petela's to pick up.
Posted on 2008 Nov 10 by James Petela

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