November News Post Sandy Pre PMC YMC Soon To Come
BHS MCers, hope you all had a very safe, restful, relaxing and semi focus grind, game face week off, lucky all of us, somewhat i suppose, if you were productive, like i was, doing college recs and more fun MC and class stuff at school...

SOME VERY IMPORTANT THIS WEEK TO DOs (i sent out email to parents friday w/ more details and docs of names/conferences, ymc committees, check out -- also will be soon uploaded to this site):

Monday--Thursday: Bring in $MONEY$ towards your conference (Princeton $650 total, Yale $150, SFran $3-400 deposit), def need cuz sending out over $20,000 this week to PMC and YMC! YMC has about 45 roles to fill for frosh/sophs/jrs, if you would like to be a full delegate and came to one of meetings last week or saw me if couldn't make, stop by during day/lunch time or after school to get role/committee. Bills are ideally due Friday 9th.

NO MEETING MONDAY NIGHT, work on bills on your own, use conference links on right for guidance, PMC good one, go to delegates, writing bills, committee information etc. Also go to US Govt website, check out committees and issues/topics they deal with...

Tuesday -- No School but Meeting 7--8:30pm, YMCers working on bills in library, PMCers debating their bills - PMCers please bring 20 copies and impress me and chairing prezs with solid opening speech and Power Pet Fact Sheet. Prezs VPs Govs should also be prepared to present!

Also, Tuesday has an Election Job Opportunity, polling stations need about 14 students to meet and greet and assist voters, pay is ~$15 an hour and need you either 5:30am—11:30/1:30 or 11:30/1:30—8:30pm, if interested please call Dan Hally ASAP at 203-215-8563 and mention you are a MCongress student, first calls will get first jobs...

Wednesday -- Meeting 7--8:30pm, same as Tuesday meeting format. Plus I will be giving out YMC ID #s so you can upload your own bills to YMC site for Friday.

Thursday -- No Meeting, parent conferences, but MC Sr Prezs/VPs will be library to help YMCers with their bills.

Friday -- PMCers stop by and get Permission/Info packet. YMCers upload your bills to Yale MC site, if not able to don't worry, just won't be in your committee packet and you'll just have to bring copies instead.

See you all soon, unless sandy's sister comes and power goes out again, imagine that :)
Posted on 2012 Nov 05 by James Petela
MC Matters for January
1 -- MC Attire finally done and arriving next week, stop by and pick up sweatshirts/pants etc, lookin good wink smile

2 -- Harvard MCongress full busload, 55 mix of students goin, most we have taken in over a decade! Second payment next week $250 with final payment $250 by Feb 17. If can pay full, would greatly appreciate. For those getting scholarship or who need more time, send what you can and keep me posted. Next meeting for students will be after exams - Wed Feb 1st. Info/permission packets coming week of Feb 6 /13. wassat

3 -- Penn MCongress almost full, 32 mostly juniors with handful of sophs, with 3 openings (Penn has max of 35 per school, unfortunate for us of course), hope to have filled by first week of Feb after next week exams, few frosh still might have a chance, fingers crossed, I’ll keep you posted. Second payment $100 next week, with final payments of $200 mid Feb & $200 mid March, and if can pay in full now that would be very much appreciated. For those getting scholarship or who need more time, send what you can and keep me posted. Meetings resume after exam, Thurs Feb 2nd. wassat

4 -- Columbia MCongress??? -- Sunday March 25, NYCity, $100, leave 6am return about 10pm, if frosh and sophs interested please bring a $50 deposit by Fri Feb 3rd. I’ll hold all deposits until that date and if we have about 35 delegates we’ll go. smile

Keep in touch and stop by to say hi, Petela -- wink smile wassat
Good luck on midterms - FGGFace angry
Posted on 2012 Jan 20 by James Petela
Officer Promotion Time, Congrats to New Officers, Happy Holidays!
Congrats to those who were +promoted+, those not don't be discouraged, you have the winter and spring to impress Petela & Prezs, and officer apps will be given out in May for officers 2013 to be announced at MC Banquet in June. Promos were based on Petela's observations, and feedback by Presidents regarding fall practice sessions and conferences. Not only was attendance considered but also the quantity and Quality of your speaking - asking questions and making speeches. For Frosh I decided to keep the list short, though there are quite of few others close and I'm sure you will be getting officer apps in May so keep your enthusiasm and focus and grind and game faces, and eyes and teeth too, and come banquet time hopefully your name will be announced as one of 2013's officers. Till meetings in January for Harvard & Penn, Happy healthy restful holidays to all of you, Yours Truly, Father Petela-claus smile smile smile --- smile smile --- smile smile

Senior Presidents -- Jessica Carlson, Jena Greene, Ryan Hackett, Kelly Laske, Carley Weted, Austin Connell, Tony Tala, +Bookyo Sur smile

Vice President -- +Abel Villegas smile

Junior VPs -- Zachary Acunzo, Chrissy Beaulac, Calla Cameron, Jen Flynn, Chase Fowler, Carissa Kamin, Dan Lomartra, Pompeo Mazzella, Ashley Murphy, +Stephen Perrotti, Laura Peterson, Abby Raynor , +Megan Wirtz, Edgar Ortiz smile

Jr. Mayors -- Eric Fischer, +Bailey Fryer, Likhit Ganedi, Robby Hacker, +Alex Muniz, +Jack Morley, Kaity Robbins, +Vinny Roca, Jackie Salg, +Jess Teulings smile

Soph VPs -- +Nate Barton, David Eaton, Clare Hall, +Adam Jarvie, Griffin Sandler, Christina Smith, Ben Shao, Fatoumata Sylla, Eden Wooster smile

Soph Mayors -- +Jack Bishop, +Henry Jin, +Patrick Laske, +Ashvin Pradhan-Shenoy, +Brad Roth, Amy Bachhuber smile

Froshicers -- Charlie Ahern, Haley Brown, Mike Caminear, Dan Frye, Jessica Lohret, Emma Pendl-Robinson, Iana West smile
Posted on 2011 Dec 22 by James Petela

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