Harvard & Penn MCers Time To Start Shake, Rattlin & Rollin
Finally, after a few weeks of patient and perseverant juggling crying I think we have our final rosters, though I bet we’ll have 1-2 more changes. Hit links on right for updated docs re: committee and rooms for Harvard and Penn.

Also, I uploaded Harvard & Penn website tonight Friday 16th (all schools suppose to) so this weekend you should be able to see your name on website w/ your other committee members.

Harvard MCers be sure to create your own account, go to Contact on Harvard site, then Create Own Account and enter your own username-password. Check your committee, special program page, assignments (click tab Boston Programs & Conference) and try to get what’s due in soon, if problems arise contact your chair, always good to get buddy buddy wink with them, the sooner the better, helps come award time, as we all know.

DCourters & Supreme-Courters I will be getting copies made of your cases, should be in next week, stop by and get end of week, or you can also print out yourselves if want to start early. DCourters, Team 2, Bfd 1 (Altrui, Mockus, Rabin, Baker, Peterson, Weiss) you have cases Delgado vs EverAfter, Oklahoma v White, and California vs Sulky. Team 3, Bfd 2 (Broughal, Hobbs, Liu, Cassella, Esposito, Wells) you have Rawls vs Citadel, California vs Sulky, New York vs Hunt. Soon I wanna see the 12 Angry MCers -- Attorneys and Witnesses in Action angry

Penn MC Bills are due by Friday Feb 6th so you have some time. You are to upload to site yourself, more to come on this next couple weeks, till then a semi game face wassat and focus should be in order doing your bills.

Meetings will resume after midterms, Weds, Jan 28th/March 4th & Thurs 29th/March 5th and March 10-11-12th same time 7:15 and place, Petela’s Kingdom. Till then, dominate your midterms, no excuses, serious GFaces angry angry angry

As always, any questions email yours truly at jpetela@branford.k12.ct.us or call 676-7755. Petela wink smile
Posted on 2009 Jan 17 by James Petela
Harvard & Penn MCers Feb Conferences Coming Soon, Pre Game Face Time crying
Folks, time to get going on prepping for upcoming conferences, only 6 & 7 weeks away. Great groups for each, looking forward to both trips. See conference itineraries, posted as documents within conferences to right. Penn conference roles and rooms are due next week, bills due by the end of month. Harvard I talked to some of you already, others I choose roles for you, stop by to see, or see you next week.

1. Roles & Rooms -- Roles are in and some assigned, others still being chosen, changed. Stop by to choose ASAP, officers first choice, unless not stop by today or Monday. Penn roles totally open so hurry on by; Rooms -- Talk to each other, give me sheet paper w/ names of your room.

2. Meetings -- Next Tues13 & Thursday15 (Wed. I have to go to BOEd to get formal approval for trips). Times as always, 7:15--8:15. Try to make at least one, if not both meetings, if can’t, make sure to stop by and see me. Focus of nights will be final Role/Room selections, beginning of bills and papers/court cases etc…

3. Deposits/2nd payment -- Please try to get another $100 or more, if possible, next week, as always if check make out to BHSMC-HMC or PennMC.

Photos from Princeton and Yale coming soon, big snow storm tomorrow, may be inspired during snowfall, got to get over the mouse attack, Trotta and I going to counseling, say a prayer for us, and the mouse sad
Posted on 2009 Jan 09 by James Petela
Yale Model Congress A Success For Many First Time BHS MCers
Many BHS MCers made their debut at YMC last weekend, and as expected, loved it! Although awards were not as plentiful as PMC two weeks earlier (see below News), BHS MCers were winners on many fronts and made Petela proud by their great efforts and enthusiasm. Many Yale chairs and executive board members complimented Petela on his delegates performance, class, and maturity. Sixty bhsmcers made their voices heard (and 22 frosh/soph shadows joined them and made their presence felt on Friday!) and gained valuable experience over a long weekend of informative and inspiring tours, competitive committee and full sessions, and some incredible, delicious meals at Bar restaurant and Mory's, cups and singing included -- It's AJ, it's AJ, it's AJ that makes the world go round... -- Good times! laughing

More than three quarters of bhsmers were first timers, but that did not scare them from being fully engaged in sessions. Jr BHS MC VP Maddy Coulter waged an aggressive, creative, and candy-filled, friendly campaign for YMC president, delivering a witty and solid speech, but came up short by a few votes. Nevertheless, she and Eric Nemarich represented BHS strongly in the high powered, select Presidential Cabinet, drafting policies and reviewing bills passed in full sessions. Congratulations to first time MCer junior Rachel Cassella for winning an honorable mention for her committee performance. All in all it was a great learning experience for BHS MC, an investment for future award winning delegates (see Chen Ding's Special Reflection in Alum/Reflect link above if you haven't yet, awards, she discovered, takes patience and perseverance, focus and grinding, and a lot of game faces). angry angry angry

Speaking of awards, we once again won the best looking and best dressed delegation, by far, however, our dancing at the congressional ball was not quite up to past conference performances, something we need to work on next time! laughing

Special thanks to George Miles for his legendary Beinecke and Sterling Library tour, Dean Loge at Timothy Dwight for his words of wisdom for thinking about college--its never too early, Taryn Mockus and Gus Peterson for putting in a full day of guiding the army of 72 bhsmers on Friday (our largest ever, and it felt it!), AJ Bishop for putting in a couple days of helping chaperoning, video taping sessions w/ Mockus on Friday night and Dominique Ruddy on Saturday & night. And of course a shout out to our man about town Mr Cintron for being our just in case big-bodyguard and food scavenger, never letting a plate go empty at dinners. tongue As for yours truly, I snapped over 2000 photos, visiting every committee and full sessions at least twice over the weekend, got some gems for sure... coming soon to this site, over holidays, hopefully... wassat

YMC shirts and handout for conference reflection (also on yale mc link to right) are ready and waiting for you all, make sure you stop by Petela's room.

Pics for Princeton and Yale MC award winners will be on Tuesday, after the Yearbook grouphotos at 12:25 in new gym, bring awards, gavels and wear conference TShirt.

Finally, need deposits ASAP ($50 or 100) for those students wanting to attend Harvard or Penn MCongress in February. See Petela this week if interested.

Petela smile
Posted on 2008 Dec 09 by James Petela

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