Hobbs & Lonergan Win Princeton Moot Court Tourney -- BHSMC's Third Straight Victory!!! What an incredible year -- one of the best ever in BHS MC history!
We did it again, and again. At Princeton's largest moot court tourney yet (65 teams), Nicole Hobbs and Keah Lonergan edged out Bhsmc peers Caitlin ONeill and Delaram Takyar in another Branford dominated finals (ONeill and Takyar defeated Lonergan and Esposito in the October). After three rounds on Friday afternoon and evening, and one Saturday morning, 16 teams were chosen for the tournament in the afternoon, 3 that were Bhsmc -- Hobbs & Lonergan, ONeill & Takyar, Shavrova & Flynn. All three teams made it past the first round with the quarters seeing Team ONeill vs Team Shavrova going head to head in an engaging exchange, and ONeill & Takyar coming out on top. The finals saw for the second consecutive time two bhsmc teams battle it out in civil manner for tourney champs, with a panel of 9 Princeton judges questioning the teams throughout their 20 minute arguments (see photos). Congratulations once again to Hobbs & Lonergan and all 7 bhsmc teams for their outstanding and inspiring performances. Finally, congrats to individual gavel winners Caitlin ONeill and Kseniya Shavrova for being outstanding attorneys. What a way to begin and end a historic year in BHSMC smile
Posted on 2010 Apr 19 by James Petela
Senior Presidents Lead The Winter Way For BHS Model Congress
The Most Decorated Award Winning Presidents BHS MC has ever had in its 16 years led the way once again this winter at Harvard with its Gavel Winning DCourt team of Nicole Hobbs, Caitlin ONeill, Kylie Broughal, Rachel Rimm, Rachel Cassella, Catherine Liu, and Brian Levy. BHS MC had two DCourt teams represented over the February 26th weekend and both teams tried a handful of cases against teams from all over the country and even squared off against each other for The BHS Showdown in BTown. The team of H.O.B. edged out their BHS MC opponent peers Keah Lonergan, Maddy Coulter, Gio Esposito, Corey Wells, Katrina Perito, and Patty Liu in a hard fought, dramatic, exhausting court battle (both teams received their special emergency cases at midnight and were up most of the morning preparing for their 9am start). It was too bad poor Harvard did not give out individual awards this year because if they had BHS MC would have easily garnered a few more gavels (as in years past) for outstanding performances as attorneys and witnesses. Also attending Harvard and representing BHS MC with excellence was senior Sergei Poljak, who proudly and effectively assumed the Democratic role of Senator Dodd in committee and full sessions. wink

At Penn MC in Phili, the same weekend as Harvard (the first overlap conference in our history), 24 BHS MCers -- mostly juniors, 4 sophs, held their own against some very strong opponents from all over New England. Six honorable mentions were won by six juniors for their excellent committee efforts and performances Delaram Takyar, Joe Flynn, Meg OBrien, Hannah Young, Kelsey Mullane and Paige Simmons. All of our BHS MC delegates were impressive over the wintery weekend in committee and full sessions, thanks to our Presidents who helped prepare them. It was a weekend not just of committee sessions but also yoga, bowling, Rocky runs, and tours of Phili by special guest bhs alum Sarah Forgione, who showed us her work against poverty and homelessness in the Kensington section of Phili. sad

Two conferences remain for BHS MCongress. About 50 frosh and sophs will attend the Columbia Univ MC on Easter weekend Saturday April 3rd for a full, long day of sessions. The weekend after (beginning of vacation week), Senior Presidents ONeill, Hobbs & Lonergan will lead a dozen or so select BHS MCers to Princeton Univ for the Moot Court tourney, where BHS MC is the two time back to back defending champs (ONeill & Takyar Fall ‘09, ONeill & Hobbs Spring ‘09). Spring should smile once again on BHS MC smile

From helping underclass bhsmcers write and revise bills, prepare and deliver speeches, ask the right questions and master parliamentary procedure, the BHS MC Presidents below have been focusing, grinding and game facing for every weekly night meeting, guiding, chairing and modeling award winning behavior for their peers. Together these nine Presidents have gone to almost 70 conferences over the past four years and have won an impressive 35 Awards. They have set the bar at a historic new height and have inspired and insured a strong BHS MC future. They have been great leaders, model students, and first class young adults. smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile
Posted on 2010 Mar 16 by James Petela
Lonergan Leads Princeton Model Congressors With Double Awards, Liu Leads At Yale, Fall Season Finished, Very Strong Showing By BHS MCers, Best Ever smile
Senior BHS MC Prez Keah Lonergan garnered a gavel at Princeton MC in DC for her passionate and persuasive performance in her Foreign Affairs committee and an honorable mention for her fantastic full session work, and Patty Liu garnered a gavel for her amazing, articulate arguments in Yale's prestigious Presidential Cabinet. An army of 135 BHS MCers participated in the Princeton and Yale Model Congress conferences the weekends before and after Thanksgiving, earning over a dozen awards and once again impressing the Princetonian & Yalie conference presidents and chairs, and more importantly BHS MC Founding Father Petela, who proudly accepted at Princeton MC The Best Public School Award and Runner-up Best Delegation Award, out of almost 50 schools, the first time BHS MC has received this impressive recognition smile

At Princeton MC, Sr BHS MC Prezs Lonergan, Coulter, Hobbs, Esposito, and Broughal led a super senior stacked bhsmc delegation of 35 students in DC the weekend before Thanksgiving. Twenty one seniors, thirteen juniors and one soph marched on Washington and made their mark and voice heard in committe and full sessions. When the dust settled, eleven awards were won by 10 bhsmcers -- The coveted Gavels were won by seniors Keah Lonergan, Gio Esposito, Madeline Coulter, and Rachel Cassella. Honorable Mentions were won by seniors Kylie Broughal, Sergei Poljak, Sarah Neely, Pat Luchini, Nicole Hobbs, and junior Kevin Peterson smile

At Yale MC, Patricia Liu, the solo senior, led 81 bhsmcers -- eighteen juniors, thirty three sophs, nine frosh (and 26 shadows, mostly frosh on friday) the weekend after Thanksgiving. For many bhsmcers it was their first full conference and they took full advantage of all YMC and Yale, the greatest university in the universe, had to offer -- from tours to libraries, college courtyards w/ yalies welcoming them from their windows, classic ivy classrooms, food and friends and so much more. Joining Liu in the awards were fellow Presidential Cabinet member junior Joe Flynn and Armed Services committee member junior first timer Kelsey Mullane, both earning Honorable Mention Awards for their engaging and excellent performances. smile

A special shout out thanks to MC Prez Nicole Hobbs, who helped chaperone the entire trip from start to finish. Also helping out, when they were free from the Fall Play Dea, were fellow Sr Prezs Caitlin ONeill, Kylie Broughal, Keah Lonergan, Madeline Coulter and VP Rachel Rimm. smile

Winning an award is no easy task. Three awards are given per committee, one gavel and two honorable mentions, usually at the chair's discretion though sometimes delegate feedback/voting is taken into consideration, like at Princeton, though not at Yale. Chairs ideally consider the quality and quantity of speeches made, points questions asked, respect and attention shown, and bill that was written. At Princeton, committee sizes averaged 22 students and at Yale 15.

Congratulations once again to the above award winners and also to the many other almost award winning PMC & YMCers who performed with excellence and enthusiasm and made BHS MC, BHS, and PETELA proud, once again. smile smile smile

PS-- About 5000 photos from PMC, YMC and the Fall Prep Sessions will soon be uploaded, hold tight and be patient, I need to put in some serious focus and grind game face time organizing and editing them before i upload them to the website, hopefully this weekend angry
Posted on 2009 Dec 07 by James Petela

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