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Princeton & Yale MCs Success Again, Harvard & Penn Delegate Deciding Time
Hello again most worthy BHSMCers. Just a quick update on MCongress…<br /><br />Congrats & Applause to all our BHS MC Students at the Princeton & Yale MCs the past weekends. Over 30 attended PMC & 130 YMC (record#!) and 13 awards won, more details soon to come on website. Photos are all up, click link, for both conferences, approx 7,000 -- I know, it’s a lot, some say excessive, I’ve got finger-itis from snapping so many fotos, and I also lost my voice last weekend at Yale, slowly but surely getting back <br /><br />Harvard & Penn MCongress now needs bhsmc delegates. I’ve already sent deposits, and final payments and hotel expenses are due very soon! If you are interested in going to either, a deposit of at least $100 is needed by next Friday 16th. I will not deposit money till final decision is made, which should be by Tue Dec 20. If you could deposit more than $100, any amount up to $600, that would be greatly appreciated. If money is tight now for $100 deposit, please send me email and we will work something out. Scholarship money is available <br /><br />Harvard (Feb 22W--26Su, right after winter break weekend, $600) is open to all MCers, preference will be by class & officer-ship, soon to be updated. We will be taking about 40 students. <br /><br />Penn (March 28W--April 1Su, $600) is usually for Juniors, w/ some sophs. About 35 taking. <br /><br />Last call also for MC Attire, will be placing order this coming Monday 12th in hopes of getting by Fri 23rd, so please get order to me if want by Christmas.<br /><br />Columbia & Princeton Moot dates still waiting to be determined. Columbia, one day event, Saturday in late March or early April, frosh & soph mostly -- PMoot usually in April, Th--Sat, invite only by me, usually take about 20 kids, teams of 2, plan on taking a few from all grades.<br /><br />Don’t forget our only fundraiser The Concert #15 on January 21st with the Yale Whiffenpoofs and our BHS Music Makers (we just had a great bonding dinner/time at Mory’s last Monday, see fotos on website), more info coming about concert soon.<br /><br />You're all welcome for 2 great MC weekends, enjoy the fotos & memories...<br /><br />Petela
Posted on 08 Dec 2011 by James Petela
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