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Yale Model Congress Weekend Upon Us -- FG&GF Time
Attention All Yale MCers --<br /><br />Hope you are all getting psyched and pumped, focused and game faced to attack Yale this weekend. We leave BHS 4:30 Thursday, front lobby dressed to impress in WBA - Western Biz Attire - we have to continue our best dressed and best looking delegation reputation, don't disappoint!:) I will be even more impressed to get emails of your opening speeches and fact sheets/outlines, these will make a difference not only at conference, but also for upcoming officer-ship noted below.<br /><br />About 40 of you still have NOT handed in your blue permission packet, if i don't get by Per1 Thursday morn, very good chance you will not go -- if you are not responsible enough to get it to me by then, not sure i want to trust you in NHaven at Yale MC, so FOCUS & GET TO ME within 32 hours, or no go!:(<br /><br />Thanks and applause to the MC Prezs, vp/gov for the great job they did this fall preparing their fellow MCers for the Princeton and upcoming Yale MC. Tonight was the final 15th meeting of 2011, and it was another full house with almost 100 bhsmc-ers attending, getting through about 4 bills in each of the 3 rooms. Photos from tonite and from all the fall prep sessions are now uploaded on our MC website, check out and get a few LOLs :) <br /><br />After Yale MC, there will be a revised officer list, with a few new additions to officers and promotions and possible demotions. Also, there may be a first frosh officer list. So YMCers keep this in mind over the weekend - be on your best behavior and performance.<br /><br />Also after YMC, i need to choose before Christmas who will be going to Harvard and Penn, more on that next week.<br /><br />Till Thursday, you know this week's time & motto "FG&GF" :) Petela
Posted on 30 Nov 2011 by James Petela
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