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Princeton MC & Yale MC Week/s Away, Focus & Game Face Time
Important News & Reminders From Your Founding Father Petela!:)<br /><br />1 -- Don't forget to get Money from parents for YMC & PMC second and final payments AND for MC TShirts-$10, which will be available Wed nite at meeting, drop off money to me in school or bring to meeting night at 7pm. Parents were sent email by me Friday with payment reminder and with an MC attire order form - if you want to get MC sweatshirt or sweatpants, ask them or i will have order forms tomorrow in class and at meeting.<br /><br />2 -- Bills for YMC ideally due tomorrow, but if still want/need some feedback from Sr Prezs or other officers or even guest speakers do so and email me your bill The Latest Tues nite, the exact way detailed on the yellow handout. If you don't get your bill in by Tues nite, all is not lost or doomsday occurs, all it means is you won't get your bill in official YMC binders and you will have to bring your own copies to committee and you will lessen your chances of winning an award, so those of you sweating and stressing, don't knock yourself out, seek out MC Prezs for more support and advice. Their emails are noted below.<br /><br />3--PMCers, Wed nite last nite to impress with your bills, we will have at least three to four rooms debating because YMCers will be joining and jumping in to debate your bills, so bring some strong opening speeches and some POWER FACTS, you have all day tuesday to prepare. Permission packets should be ready for you at Wed meeting. DC is only 10 days away, gonna be a great learning and fun and patriotic time with hopefully at least 10 awards to bring home on Sunday, like BHS MC has been doin for the past 5 years :-) Pressure is on, expectations are high, talent and experience is there, no excuses...<br /><br />Carley Weted - carleyweted@yahoo.com<br />Tony Tala - ttala@sbcglobal.net<br />Ryan Hackett - ryhackett7@yahoo.com<br />Jena Greene - greeniegirl22@gmail.com<br />Jess Carlson - jcswimmer@snet.net<br />Kelly Laske - kellylaske@gmail.com<br />Austin Connell - austinconnell12@gmail.com
Posted on 08 Nov 2011 by James Petela
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