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Takyar & Flynn Lead 38 BHMCers at Princeton MC in DC With Gavel Performances
Like the blizzard that blanketed Branford in mid winter, so too did BHS MC blizzard Princeton once again this Fall, this time in our nation's capitol. Senior Presidents Delaram Takyar and Joe Flynn led a nor'easter attack at PMC that saw BHS MC once again win double digit awards. Takyar's gavel in the Supreme Court, where she dominated, and Flynn's in Foreign Relations, where he took control, were joined by senior Jeff Warner's gavel in International Relations, where he held steady. Honorable Mention awards were won by new bhsmc senior prez Hannah Young, and new bhsmc vps Matt Mierz & Kelsey Mullane. Rounding out the remaining hon. mentions were seniors Alex Roberts, Allie Kowolenko, and last and certainly not least but literally our 10th award was Kevin Peterson for his full House session performance, not an easy task. Junior Ryan Hackett also won an hmention for his honorable duty in armed services, his first award, finally! Other very strong senior performances noted by PMChairs were by mc prezs Kseniya Shavrova, Meg OBrien, Jon Carlson and new mc prezs Rachel Baker, Alex Acunzo, and Chris Giri. Other very competitive performances were by seniors Carl Dasigan, Billy Irwin, and Ricky Weiss. All bhsmcers had their game faces on in committees and very happy faces outside of sessions It was a great weekend in Washington! <br /><br />At Yale MC, an army of over a hundred bhsmers, mainly underclassers, many first-second timers, invaded the yale campus the first weekend in december. Senior bhsmc vp Kelsey Mullane ran for President of YMC, losing runner-up to a rapper opponent, whose speech-rap was truly creative, original, and impressive. Nevertheless she was a dynamic force in the Presidential Cabinet, representing bhsmc with excellence. First timer sophomore Dan Lomartra garnered an impressive gavel for his persuasive performance in House Natural Resources. Frosh Eden Wooster won an honorable mention for her strong performance in Transportation. Other excellent performances were by junior Carley Weted and sophs Chrissy Beaulac, Calla Cameron, Jen Flynn, Abby Raynor and Edgar Ortiz. <br /><br />Winning an award is no easy task. Three awards are given per committee, one gavel and two honorable mentions, usually at the chair's discretion though sometimes delegate feedback/voting is taken into consideration. Chairs ideally consider the quality and quantity of speeches made, points questions asked, respect and attention shown, and bill that was written. At Princeton, committee sizes averaged 25 students and at Yale 15. <br /><br />A special shout out thanks to MC Prezs Acunzo, Baker, Flynn, OBrien, Shavrova and Takyar who helped chaperone the Yale conference with Cintron and Peterson. All senior prezs deserve special thanks for their leadership at all practice sessions (~20) in October and November that well prepped, so to speak, the YMCers for battle with mad skills, game faces & attitude. <br /><br />Congratulations once again to the above award winners and also to the many other almost award winning PMC & YMCers who performed with excellence and enthusiasm and made BHS MC, BHS, and PETELA proud, once again, not to mention also keeping the high expectations and legacy of 2010 alive and well. <br /><br />PS-- About 5000+ photos from PMoot, PMC, YMC, Fall Prep Sessions are on the Photo link above, check & <br /><br />PSS-- 37 BHS MCers head to HarvardMC in Feb, 28 PennMC end of March, 20 PMoot April, & 50 ColumbiaMC hopefully April. <br /><br />PSSS-- Mark your calenders for the 14th Annual Fundraising Concert w/ the Yale Whiffenpoofs on Sat April 16th at 7pm, 5:30 Food Court, at BHS. Officers plan on working the event.
Posted on 29 Jan 2011 by James Petela
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