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Princeton Moot Victory, Again--ONeill/Takyar, Meetings Next Wed/Thurs Nights 7:15--8:30, Be Ready To Present & Debate Bills
We did it again. She did it again. BHS MC dominated the Princeton Moot Tourney for the second time in a row (see spring below). This time though, the finals saw two BHS MC teams (Caitllin ONeill & Delaram Takyar vs Keah Lonergan & Giovanni Esposito), and three teams (Billy Irwin & Carl Dasigan) make the final 16 round. Forty five teams competed at the tourney, with BHS MC bringing eight strong contenders. But it was MC Prez Caitlin ONeill, who was part of the winning team w/ Nicole Hobbs in the spring, who repeated victory this time with junior vp Delaram Takyar. ONeill also won a gavel for top attorney, along with fellow senior Prez Keah Lonergan and junior Chris Giri. The other BHS MC teams who competed with great enthusiasm and excellence were seniors Monica Ague & Patricia Liu, Olivia Mahler-Haug and Griff Radulski, Julianna Venegas and jr Alex Acunzo, and juniors Billy Irwin & Carl Dasigan, Kseniya Shavrova & Catherine Pierre-Louis, Chris Giri & Hannah Young. Even though the weather was a bit rainy and the temperature cruelly cool, and many fought a ferocious flu and even post-op in the ER all night with yours truly, BHS MC managed to keep the heat on and stay healthy enough for another very impressive and inspiring victory -- not a bad way to start a new MCongress season... <br /><br />Speaking of MCongress season, meetings continue next Wed & Thursday night after election no school Tuesday 7:15--8:30, focus will be presenting and debating bills for upcoming Princeton and Yale conferences during weekends before Thanksgiving and after. Bring 25 copies of your bill.
Posted on 18 Oct 2009 by James Petela
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