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Columbia MC This Sat Apr 4, Permission/Info Packets Coming Monday -- Final Week Meetings, Mon-Tue-Wed Nites 7:15--8:25; Princeton Moot Courters Should Be Meeting Together Tackling Court Case; Shout Out To Clayton Moquet For Super Website Work!
Can't believe the final MCongress Conference will be taking place this Saturday, as well as the final three meetings this week - how the year has flown by! <br /><br />CMCers try to make as many of this weeks meetings as possibe, bring copies of your bill to present and/or get feedback from presidents, never too late to revise. Last week's meetings saw some excellent exchanges, beneficial to all who came. Try also to outline your opening speech and prepare a power fact sheet to back up your bill and your arguments -- you won't regret come Saturday. Time to get that MC game face & attitude back in focus! <br /><br />Permission/info packets for Columbia will be handed out Monday night and Tuesday and expected back by Friday the latest w/ final payments. <br /><br />Princeton Mooters you should be meeting on your own, hoping to get Yale debaters to come and work with you one or two nights, waiting to hear back from them...<br /><br />On Final Note, Large Shout Out to Clayton Moquet for putting in many hours to make this website look awesome. If you see him, give him a high five, or shout out
Posted on 29 Mar 2009 by James Petela
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