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Columbia MCers Meetings Mon16 & Tues17 Nites 7:15 -- Bills Due Tues Nite If Want Award Possibility. Harvard & Penn MCers, Photos Are All Uploaded, You're Welcome, Enjoy :)
CMCers, time for serious focus and grind, game face time to get bills done and emailed to me at jpetela@branford.k12.ct.us by Tuesday night if you want to be eligible for awards at Columbia. MC Presidents will be available both nights to give you suggestions and feedback on your bills. If bill not done by then, please try to have them for the next 2 weeks before we go to Columbia, when meetings will be Mon--Tues--Wed nites of both weeks, 7:15--8:30, when we will practice presenting our bills. Don't forget to use this website Columbia link for bill form doc and more.<br /><br />After your bills are done and emailed to me, please begin work on your opening speech and Power Fact Outline, Evidence, Arguments -- more on that next week. <br /><br />Next week you will be getting your CMC info/permission packet to bring home to parents.<br /><br />Hope you are all looking foward to this Big Apple MC, it has always been a great one day conference, in committees and in the city afterwards.<br /><br />HMC & Penn MCers hope you enjoy looking at yourselves and peers, many LOL funny fotos and memorable moments, let me know what some of your favorites are. And if any of you have some good pics you took, please burn to cd and give to me... <br /><br />Petela
Posted on 16 Mar 2009 by James Petela
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