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Harvard & Penn MCers Time To Start Shake, Rattlin & Rollin
Finally, after a few weeks of patient and perseverant juggling I think we have our final rosters, though I bet we’ll have 1-2 more changes. Hit links on right for updated docs re: committee and rooms for Harvard and Penn.<br /><br />Also, I uploaded Harvard & Penn website tonight Friday 16th (all schools suppose to) so this weekend you should be able to see your name on website w/ your other committee members.<br /><br />Harvard MCers be sure to create your own account, go to Contact on Harvard site, then Create Own Account and enter your own username-password. Check your committee, special program page, assignments (click tab Boston Programs & Conference) and try to get what’s due in soon, if problems arise contact your chair, always good to get buddy buddy with them, the sooner the better, helps come award time, as we all know. <br /><br />DCourters & Supreme-Courters I will be getting copies made of your cases, should be in next week, stop by and get end of week, or you can also print out yourselves if want to start early. DCourters, Team 2, Bfd 1 (Altrui, Mockus, Rabin, Baker, Peterson, Weiss) you have cases Delgado vs EverAfter, Oklahoma v White, and California vs Sulky. Team 3, Bfd 2 (Broughal, Hobbs, Liu, Cassella, Esposito, Wells) you have Rawls vs Citadel, California vs Sulky, New York vs Hunt. Soon I wanna see the 12 Angry MCers -- Attorneys and Witnesses in Action <br /><br />Penn MC Bills are due by Friday Feb 6th so you have some time. You are to upload to site yourself, more to come on this next couple weeks, till then a semi game face and focus should be in order doing your bills. <br /><br />Meetings will resume after midterms, Weds, Jan 28th/March 4th & Thurs 29th/March 5th and March 10-11-12th same time 7:15 and place, Petela’s Kingdom. Till then, dominate your midterms, no excuses, serious GFaces <br /><br />As always, any questions email yours truly at jpetela@branford.k12.ct.us or call 676-7755. Petela
Posted on 17 Jan 2009 by James Petela
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