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Prep Sessions Outstanding & Overwhelming! Record Number BHSMCers Attend, Almost 100-- Congrats!
96 BHSMCers attended prep session on Monday, November 3rd and 99 came on Wed the 5th, both record attendances for BHS MC <br /><br />All rooms ran very smoothly creating, presenting, and debating bills for the upcoming Princeton and Yale MCs -- thanks and applause must be made to the impressive leadership of Senior Prezs Bishop, Rimm, Ruddy, Dextradeur, Mockus, Altrui, and Emery and VP Rabin.<br /><br />Next week meetings are Monday 10th, 7:15--9:00, (No school Tuesday, Veterans Day) and Wed 12 (half day, teacher workshops), 7:15--9:00. The Yale Debate team is coming and presenting and coaching us Wed night on our opening speeches and debating, try not to miss this night. Would be nice to hit 100 BHSMCers one or both of these two nights. Thurs 13th will be the final fall meeting for PMCers, who will be leaving the following Wed 19th for DC. <br /><br />Opening Speeches and Fact Sheets should be focus for bhsmcers these last weeks. Power Facts and personal, emotional connections, persuasively and enthusiastically presented, make a difference, so spend some time researching, organizing, outlining, and practicing them. Email both OS & FS to Petela -- it will impress him very much. This takes some serious focus and grinding, so buckle down, roll up sleeves, grind elbows into table, put on game face, and just do it, and do it well. Be like BenF & TJeff <br /><br />Yale MCers will meet Tues 25th 5:30--6:45 before the dance, and December 1 & 2 nights, 7:15--8:30, with YMConference beginning Thursday 4th.<br /><br />Permission/Info packets for Princeton coming next week. Yale's coming soon after, most likely Thanksgiving week. Website should have current info documents for both Princeton and Yale by this weekend, check out. Deposits still missing for many -- please try to bring in ASAP.<br /><br />Penn (24 spots, juniors) and Harvard (35 spots, seniors--frosh) spots filling fast. Need to know ASAP, preferably by next week, who can go. Seniors and Juniors first choices. Then will open to sophs and frosh. Deposit of $50-100 guarantees spot.<br /><br />Keep up the great effort, focus, grinding, and game faces Very impressed by many so far. Looking forward to the final meetings, and even more so to the conferences. We have many potential award winners, and a legacy from last years record award winners at PMC. Keep the eyes on the prize, and good things like gavels will come... <br /><br /> Petela
Posted on 06 Nov 2008 by James Petela
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