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Happy Halloween Week -- Meetings Tues & Wed night, 7:15--8:30, All Welcome
Sorry Monday meeting cancelled, just overloaded with end of quarter grades and many early decision recommendations. Meetings this week will begin bill practice for those Princeton MCers who have done and submitted their bill on time last Friday/Weekend. Those who still have not submitted their bills, please get with the program and get them done this week, email to me ASAP and also to PMC. You've had over two weeks to do, very disappointing to say the least, especially the officers -- not weigh well come pro-demotion time... Also don't forget your deposits of $200. <br /><br />Yale MCers, this week and next focus will be to finish bills and also jump in on Princeton bill debates. For your bills you need to go to Yale website and follow their bill submit link which they told me is now working and ready to receive bills. There is also opportunity to be in Press Corp program if you are interested, just email them with a few words about yourself and your passion for writing/journalism and you should get in. This would take the place of your committee. Same goes with their Presidential Cabinet -- if you are up to the challenge, email YMC and request to be a member, citing your experience and interest -- Patty Liu last year well represented Branford in Cabinet. Also, your deposits of $50 are due ASAP, don't forget.<br /><br />Finally, all other members are welcomed to come and join in the bill practice sessions -- see veteran bhsmcers in action presenting and debating their bills. Senior Prez/VPs will chair classrooms of delegates. Petela will divide and portion out members to classrooms. Your actions and attitude will be observed and noted, so be on best behavior with best game faces and try to impress chairs and Petela with some good speeches, questions, points, motions etc.<br /><br />Hope to see many of you this week. Next week meetings are Monday and Wed night, in between Election Tuesday. All of you should have received an orange handout in the mail by today with updated info, if you didn't come see me for copy. <br /><br />Trick or Treat y'all -- Petela
Posted on 28 Oct 2008 by James Petela
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