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Princeton MCers Bills Due Ideally This Friday 23rd & Depo$sit200$ Too
Great week last week for bhsmc, about 30 Senior and Junior PMC & YMCers came each Tues & Wed night, signing up for committees and working on their bills, and a whopping 70 bhsmcers came on Thurs, which included sophs for the first time. (See Photo gallery for Fall Prep Sessions 08). PMCers if you want your bill to make the official PMC Conference Bill Book you should submit by Wed night (send to my email w/ attached doc title ex RimmPMC08bill). If you don't get it in by Wed night chances of making PMC official book go down, as told to me by PMC admin. So do your best to do and get in, it would impress and please me very much Also, don't forget to bring your first deposit of $200 this week, if you can pay in full that is always welcomed, if money is an issue pay what you can and we can work out an extended payment schedule. Scholarship money is also an option, have your parents write/email me a note.<br /><br />Yale Model Congress your bills are due by Friday Nov 7th, so you have some time, but the sooner the better. Be sure to have one of the MC officers, preferably Senior Prez cabinet or VPs, check your bill and give feedback. Also your depo$its of $50 due this week.<br /><br />Everyone should also be working on a Fact sheet(s) filled w/ significant info on your bill -- this I also want submitted to me the week before conference -- this will really impress me and also really help you come conference time.<br /><br />After this week of final bill writing meetings on Tues, Wed, & Thurs night (when frosh MCers are invited for first time), we will begin next week w/ meetings practicing our bills, led by Senior Prez cabinet, who will be chairing rooms of mixed mc-ers.<br /><br />Finally, Thurs night we may have a couple members of the Yale Debate team come to talk to us about Debate, and offer us an incredible opportunity to learn and practice some debate skills. Also, next weekend Yale is hosting a big time national debate tourney and would love to have some high school kids help out, hint hint bhsmcers officers -- Friday from 3-- 10 and Saturday all day/night, of course you don't have to work all time, but a few hours each day would be a great learning experience. More on this Tues night.<br /><br />Hope to see all/most of you this week at the meetings, till then stay focused and grinding, and of course happy -- Petela
Posted on 19 Oct 2008 by James Petela
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