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BHS MC Off To An Awesome Start as 2007 Ends 5 To Go, Concert May 3rd
After a very busy prep session season with 16 nightly meetings mostly in October, over 100 BHS MCers attended the Yale & Princeton MCongresses in back to back weekends in November. The prep session season proved to be very beneficial to the program preparing new and veteran members with opportunities to polish their speaking and debating skills, learn parliamentary procedure, and write and re-write their bills. The sessions also provided an opportunity for six seniors to be promoted to join Jack Prior and Ben Robbins as new presidents -- John Ahern, Matt Casey, Chen Ding, Mike Golod, Kyle Montag, and Blair Worthington; promoted because of their consistent attendance and strong leadership during the many meetings. Six other seniors were also promoted to Vice Presidents to join Adina Bianchi and Matt Rosen -- Dan Aupi, Corey Chiocchio, Austen Fiora, Kyle Geltman, Hanna Kiskaddon, and Ajay Phadke. It was little surprise that a number of these presidents won awards at Princeton (see below), not to mention that they assisted many of their peers at both conferences to perform with confidence and competence in their respective committees. Advisor Petela could not have been more pleased with the behavior and performance of all his MCers at these first two conferences. Even the Presidents of both Yale and Princeton MCongress praised Petela for the impressive showing his students put on in session and out of session, representing Branford with much class and character, not to mention charm and charisma! <br /><br />At Yale, 72 bhsmc students (25 juniors, 30 sophs, 17 frosh) attended many committee sessions, enjoyed a great Yale Day tour led by alums George Miles and Petela, ate well (and a lot) at Bar Pizza, Hot Tomatos and other New Haven fine eateries, and as always dominated the dance floor at the final night congressional ball! The Awards ceremony on Sunday saw sophs Gio Esposito, Jenna Grande, Eric Nemarich, and Caitlin ONeill earn honorable mention awards, while the coveted gavel was won by sophs Carter Wells, Jenna Grande and junior Steph Altrui for their outstanding performances in committee and full sessions -- congratulations. <br /><br />At Princeton, 43 bhsmc students (32 seniors & 11 juniors) also attended many committee sessions, engaged late first night guest speakers Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler and DC Judge Jeb Boasberg (both college classmates of Petela), walked slowly at tours during the rainy day at Arlington Cemetery & the out of the ground Sleeping Giant Awakening sculpture and at midnight walked even more slowly through FDR, Lincoln, Vietnam & WWII memorials, were surprised by the conference special guest speaker Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, and enjoyed great dinners and shopping in Georgetown, Union Station, and Chinatown -- as expected it was a full five engaging and exhausting days of Washington DC & PMC. At the conference, BHS MC for the first time had one of its own, senior bhsmc president Ben Robbins, win the Presidency of Princeton Model Congress. Ben beat out two opponents with a superb bhsmc teamwork of creative campaigning and a poised, persuasive speech to 1400 delegates at opening ceremonies. Because of his victory, Ben chaired the prestigious, high powered Presidential Cabinet all weekend earning a gavel for his effective efforts and performance. Joining Ben with gavel awards for their outstanding performance in committees were seniors Matt Casey, Chen Ding, Austin Fiora, Hanna Kiskaddon, Kyle Montag (as supreme court justice, another bhsmc first!), and junior Dan Rimm. Honorable mentions were won by seniors Blair Worthington, Kyle Geltman, Aaron Berg and juniors AJ Bishop and Brendan Reardon. Needless to say Petela was overjoyed with the success, noting it was perhaps the best performance ever by bhsmc at a conference, even overshadowing last years bhsmc’s PMC performance of 16 awards, though only 3 were gavels with a failed presidency run and 51 bhsmc-ers attending! <br /><br />Congratulations again to ALL the BHS Model Congress members who performed with excellence, class and character at Yale and Princeton last month. The bar has been raised, a new standard has been set. <br /><br />BHS MC will attend five more conferences this year -- Harvard at San Francisco in late January, Harvard in Boston during Feb vacation, Penn the week after Feb vacation, and Columbia MC and Princeton Moot Court in March/April, dates TBA. Student selections and conference itineraries have been posted on Petela's class door and handouts are awaiting their pick up and return with deposits to guarantee spots on the trips -- please return by Friday Dec 21 before vacation begins <br /><br />Finally, the annual fundraising concert with the Yale Whiffenpoofs will be held Not in the winter but instead for the first time in the spring on Sat. night May 3rd. Mark your calenders, save the date -- its a super night of song and entertainment for the entire family! Don't miss it
Posted on 13 Dec 2007 by James Petela
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