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Congratulations Newly Promoted MC Presidents Yale MC Finally Here
After a bhsmc record 16 productive meetings this fall, mainly in October, well attended and well behaved and engaged by on average 70 students per meeting, with the last meeting 85 students attending, I have made my decision to promote the following seniors to join Jack Prior and Ben Robbins as President: John Ahern, Matt Casey, Chen Ding, Mike Golod, Kyle Montag, and Blair Worthington. Their strong attendance and active, effective leadership at these meeting made my selection easy. I now look forward to their leadership at our conferences this year, keeping our delegation in order and winning many awards! Congratulations again. <br /><br />There were also a number of other officer promotions that I hope to have posted soon on this website in the member-officer link -- my web-man has been MIA but fingers crossed he returns soon! <br /><br />Yale MC has finally arrived. 62 BHS MC students leave BHS 4:30 Thursday 8th to head first to Bar for bonding with great pizza, Atticus chocolate chip cookies & maybe some Cold Stone ice cream. Then to Opening Ceremonies at the Omni Hotel beginning at 7pm followed by first committee sessions from 9--11:30, returning to BHS around midnight. Full dayzes continue Friday (10 bhsmc soph and frosh "shadows" join group) and Saturday last action packed day with amazing final dinner at Hot Tomatos and the ever so popular delegate dance Sat night. The closing, award ceremonies are on Sunday at noon. Thankfully we have Monday off for Veterans Day to recover and recharge for... <br /><br />Princeton MC next week, taking 45 BHS MCers, mostly seniors and some juniors, to Washington DC, leaving BHS at 2:15pm Wed. and returning Sunday night. Hope to have itinerary posted soon if my web-man <br /><br />Finally, San Fran HMCongress a go, January 23--27, approved by BOEd couple weeks ago -- you may have seen me on cable access making my appeal, if not you missed a stunning performance! We have 10 BHS MCers going and we can take 2 more, preferably ladies to even out the rooms. If you are interested see Mr Petela ASAP. Cost about $800. <br /><br />As always, yours truly, Petela
Posted on 08 Nov 2007 by James Petela
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