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Last Meeting Mon. 5th, 7:15--9:00 YaleMC Thurs 8th, PMC Wed 14th
Meetings almost over, 13 down 1 to go. Great turnout last week again about 70 students each night in 3 rooms practicing parliamentary procedure, presenting bills, making pro/con speeches. We the presidents, vps & I were impressed by many of your demeanors & seriousness, speeches and points. I have, however, not been impressed with many of you, especially Prezs/VPs, coming empty handed, w/out 20 copies of your bill to present. You have had more than enough time to print out/bring. Add to that many of you still have not emailed me your Fact Sheet and Opening Speech -- not good at all for you impressing me for officer promotions, which will occur this week and next. <br /><br />Last Meeting this Monday night 7:15--9:00 Note Extended Time -- No school next day Tues 6th, Election Day. I hope to have some Yale Debate Team members coming on Monday to give presentation and advice on speaking and arguing as well as feedback in your sessions. Try to make if you can. <br /><br />Permission/info packet for Yale MC coming Monday, PMC coming Wed. Many documents from packet should be soon on this website under YMC & PMC link, check soon. <br /><br />Y/PMC bills can still be revised & emailed to me jpetela@branford.k12.ct.us attached word document of your bill titled YourLastNamePMC07bill-revz, Ex. McCabePMC07bill-revzd hint <br /><br />Try to get feedback from our bhsmc presidents & vpresidents -- officers get feedback from each other to make your bill most effective. Please take seriously-- we have many potential award winners, and a crappy, factless, unprepared, unresearched bill doesn't help your cause come award time at conference or officer-ship at my decision time. Try to write bill on just one page, adjust margins/font accordingly. <br /><br />Write A Fact Sheet page of significant information or POWER FACTS relevant to your bill and your presentation; this proves to be very valuable to your cause, again at conference and for officership. Sadly, for many of you, I have still not received this. This is something you should be working on along with your opening speech¡K Go to our website, link to Princeton MC, link to Delegates, use resources there for research and more. Email me soon attachment titled ex. SolevoPMC07Facts, hint hint <br /><br />Work on your Opening Speech -- should be mix of outline and sentences or statements you want to read, so that you won't forget. Ideally Your Speech should have 4 Parts: 1- Problem your bill is addressing; 2- Power Facts that highlite the problem/issue; 3- Personalize problem/issue with a personal, family, friend experience or example or story; 4- Present Solution how your bill hopes to solve or lessen the problem. At the conference you are given up to 4 minutes for opening -- again, it helps to have an outline and parts written out. Practice on own, work on eye contact & projection, especially for key parts of your speech. And email me copy, again not receive many, sadly, as always attach doc, ex AupiPMC07Opening... hint hint<br /><br />Bring 20 copies of your bill to next meeting(s) for practice. Hopefully you will have an opportunity to present. If need be, we will break into more rooms with smaller size groups so more of you can present. And please do not come and cry that your printer is broken at home or that couldn't do at school today -- I will cry and SCREAM that you had 4 weeks. Give me a break!!!! Enough Excuses, Be Gone!!!!!<br /><br />Go to Princeton Web Site, Delegate Link, for best resources. Watch CSPAN Congress in session, lots of bills being debated. The real deal.<br /><br />Congrats to Ben Robbins & Kyle Montag for being accepted to PMC Special Programs. Montag will be a Supreme Court delegate and Ben will be one of 3 Presidential Candidates. Any input you can give to his campaign would be very welcomed. He can only spend $50, but we can be very creative in helping him win the election, which would be very nice for him and for BHS MC. His speech will be the most significant factor but his campaigning beforehand could make the difference too, so lets all put our heads and imaginations and wit together to get him elected. We were 0-2 last year w/ Gabriel at YMC and Waclawiak at PMC, but lessons were learned from their not winning.<br /><br />Start workin on your game face for conference & committees, there will be enuf time for fun during free time... <br /><br />Yours truly, Petela
Posted on 02 Nov 2007 by James Petela
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