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Apps Are In, Selections to be Posted Fri 28th or Mon October 1
Thanks to all the students (well over 100) who got their applications to Petela on time or earlier, and you're welcome to those slackers who I gave an extended weekend to do what was due Friday! This week I will be going through your essays and getting feedback from teachers and select MC Officers and hopefully by Friday the 28th or Monday October 1st the latest, I will have posted selections to the Princeton and Yale's conferences which take place in November. Meetings will begin the first week of October, Tues & Wed night from 7:15 to 8:30 in the social studies wing to begin work on writing bills/legislation. Just those selected for Yale & Princeton should attend one or both if possible. Meetings for the rest of the month will usually be Tues & Wed nights from 7:15--8:30, with a few Thursday night meetings added. <br /><br />All others members will be invited to attend meetings during the third week of October 15th through the first week of November, to shadow or participate in our practice bill presentation sessions. Hope to see many of you at most of the meetings.
Posted on 23 Sep 2007 by James Petela
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