BHS MCongress 20 Years Young

BHS Model Congress 2014 -- Celebrating 20 Years

100 Conferences,  400 Awards,  10 Cities/Colleges

200,000 Photos,   $200,000 Donation$

500 Scholarships,  1000 Sponsors

20 Concerts,  20 Mory'Sally's

3 Island Retreats

#1 MC Program CT

Countless Hours & First Class, Five Star, Priceless Acquistions of

Learning, Leadership, Confidence, Debating, Public Speaking

Citizenship, Collaborating, Competing, Current Events

Maturing, Friendships, Fun, Food, photos

Empowering students now, citizens for the future, memories forever

A petela program focused on learning of the students, by the students, for the students 

Posted on 2014 May 14 by James Petela
Welcome BHS MCers 2014 to our Historic 20th year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BHS MCongress is off and gaveling to another great year.  Students are preparing for the upcoming Princeton & Yale MCongresses, uploading, presenting and debating their bills under the watchful and helpful eyes of our Senior Presidents pictured handsomely above -- Nate Barton, Jack Bishop, Sophie Bysiewicz, Adam Jarvie, Patrick Laske, Griffin Sandler, Ashvin Pradhan-Shenoy, Christina Smith, Lianne Yun.,,,  sophiebysiewicz,,,,, 

Meetings for both Princeton & Yale MCers in November will be Mon4, Tu5, Wed6 AND Tu12, Wed13, Th14, 7--8:30, students should bring about 20 copies of their bills (formated so just one page) to share for debate.

There will be no meetings the week of the 18th since we will be leaving on Wed 20th period 7 for Princeton MC in DC with 40 BHS MCers.

Meetings for Yale MCers will resume Tu26 and Mon Dec2, Tu3 and off to Yale MC on Thursday Dec 5th leaving BHS front of school at 4:30.

More info and photos from fall meetings coming soon, keep visiting this super site.

Posted on 2013 Nov 06 by James Petela
BHS MC President Emails For YMC Bill Help & Other Support
YMCers, take advantage of our Presidents knowledge and experience with your bills that are due ideally Friday. They will also be at Library tomorrow Thursday night to help you if need be. Also I made a few committee changes so please stop by and check out on Petela's front table tomorrow, i'll also be sending out to parents email so check with them today/night.;;;;;;;;;
Posted on 2012 Nov 07 by James Petela

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